Hydro Excavation

Ground Excavation in any location can pose a danger without employing the proper precautions and safety techniques. In addition to standard gas pipelines, there are often fiber optic cables and utility lines running underground throughout your property, but we employ advanced slot trenching techniques to discover what lies beneath the surface of the ground you need to excavate. Utilizing top technology in the field, our hydro excavation contractor professionals can identify municipal infrastructures without the risk for any damage. A simple mistake in the excavating process can result in costly repairs and wasted time, offsetting the savings that might have prompted you to attempt digging without professional help.

Instead, employ the best hydro excavation contractor in the area to make sure all safety precautions are taken and no corners are cut in getting the job done. Locating gas pipelines, utility lines, fiber optic lines, power cables, and other underground infrastructures are our most common duties, so you can be sure we have the experience and finely honed skills to find even the most recent and unmapped installations. Bulldog Services can even perform remote excavations, so getting into a tight spot anywhere on your property with limited accessibility is not a problem for our team. We’ll identify the subsurface equipment and excavate safely around it with precision and efficiency.

How Hydro Excavation Works

This efficient and accurate method of excavation utilizes pressurized water to remove or vacuum and remove debris from targeted areas. This highly accurate, environmentally-friendly, and non-destructive method allows for accurate and efficient excavation and underground utility line exposure.

This form of excavation is increasing in popularity due to its efficiency and reliability. It’s also an extremely safe method of excavation as the equipment provides for increased level of control and operation. Hydro excavation equipment can be safely operated at a considerable distance from the targeted area, minimizing congestion and safety risks throughout the jobsite. Removed debris can also be sucked directly into a storage tank for transportation and removal, decreasing the time needed for cleanup and making your worksite a far more efficient environment.

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